Customer Service

Providing Exceptional Customer Service

Our Promise and Values

With today’s technology there is no excuse for a delay in handling issues. Our account managers are committed to being available to respond to issues in real time.

If a cleaning crew “misses a spot” or is not meeting expectations we want to be informed as soon as possible so the issue can be rectified.

Clients are given account manager numbers to call or text and encouraged to notify as soon as an issue is noticed.


Some of our clients have been with us since we opened in 1981, over 38 years.
We take pride in being available for continuous feedback. Our customer service reps act as a buffer between clients and cleaning crews so there is no awkwardness or difficulty communication due to schedule.

Our constant communication between client, customer service representatives, and cleaning crews has allowed us stay abreast of issues and handle them quickly.

To overcome and a Our business has evolved with our client’s needs


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